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I. Do I need to go to the evaluation appointments? If I refuse to attend, or to answer any questions, will I be penalized?
No. Despite your participation being very important to meet the objectives of this project, participation is on a volunteer basis. Each and every family has the freedom to choose not to participate at any time. The non-participant families will not have any disadvantage or consequence if they choose not to participate.
II. Do I have to pay the evaluation appointments?
No. The Geração 21 evaluations are completely free.
III. What it will be done with my data? Is it safe to provide personal information?
The information collected is computerized in order to be analyzed by the research teams. All data that you provide is identified with a code number and data is stored with this code, not with the names of the participants. The identification is only available in a database used to establish contact to schedule evaluations or to send test results. The researchers analyzing the data never know the names of the parents or of the child. The identity of the participants remains confidential throughout all the process.
IV. What is the feedback given of the tests performed in the evaluation?
During the 7-year evaluation, a report containing results of the children's physical evaluation parameters are sent to parents/legal guardians. This report contains data on weight, height, percentage of body fat, blood pressure and indicators of pulmonary function and bone mineral density. If a blood sample was collected, the blood tests’ results are also sent. This report shall be submitted to the attending physician of the child (family doctor or pediatrician). We also give the possibility to send the results directly to the doctor. In that case the doctors’ or pediatricians’ address must be provided.
V. What data is collected from the blood samples?
Blood samples are processed for blood cell counts (red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets) and to determine cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose, insulin and C-reactive protein.
VI. Is it possible to know the blood type of my child with the blood sample?
No. We do not make the tests for knowing the child's blood type.
VII. The place of the13-year evaluation is still the same as that of the 4-year evaluation?
Yes. The evaluation is taking place on the Centro de Investigação Médica da Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade do Porto, which is on the back of the Hospital de São João, on the same street of the outpatient appointments (Rua Dr. Plácido da Costa). To identify the location, you should look for two white buildings (see picture), at the beginning of the street (opposite end to the mall Campus S. João), in front of the building of the Faculdade de Desporto da Universidade do Porto. The entrance is through the glass doors located between two white buildings (left image).
VIII. How long does the appointment take?
Each appointment is on average 90 to 120 minutes long.
IX. Is it possible to provide an absence document?
The parent/caregiver of the child will receive, upon request, a document signed by the investigator that confirms the presence of the person with the child during the evaluation period in the FMUP facilities under the project Geração 21. The acceptability of the document provided as justification for work absences is at the discretion of the employer.
Epidemiology is the study of the distribution and determinants of health-related states or events, including patterns, causes and effects of health and disease in defined populations, and the application of the acquired knowledge to the control of diseases and other health problems.
Public health
It is a set of organized efforts conducted by the society to protect, promote and restore health. It is a combination of science, skills, principles and values oriented towards maintaining and improving the health of all individuals, through organized efforts and informed choices.
A group of individuals with shared characteristics, who often experienced a shared common event (birth date, place of living, graduation year).