What you helped us to discover

Over the years, with your participation and that of your family, it has been possible to publish several scientific articles with discoveries about this group of which you are a part!
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What are we doing?

Did you know that since you were born we have come to discover many things about you, what you love to do and about your health?

Since 2005, we met thousands of boys and girls who are part of the project Geração 21 which has helped us to realize how they have been growing.

The new evaluation of the participants of the Geração 21 has already started and we would appreciate if you could be part of it. We will do some measurements (such as height, weight, the size of your muscle) and fun quizzes (like blowing up with your maximum strength!).

Your participation is very important to realize what has changed in your life over the years and how these changes may affect your future.

Thank you for helping us to discover and understand how it is to be a child these days in Portugal. Your participation is very important so that we can build a better future for the children and youth of our country.


This space is dedicated to your comments and those of your family about the study, your experience, comments and suggestions. Here are some of the testimonies made throughout the project.

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